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Marie is awarded Entrepreneur of the Month (County of Kent) for February 2013

Posted by admin on April 8, 2013



Feeling very proud and puff-chested (for the second time since joining Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneurs Circle in 2011) to have been awarded this prestigious award for all the great stuff we’ve been doing here at First Impression Training over the last few months to help our business survive and thrive in these challenging times!

The full story will be available to read in a soon-to-be-released issue of the EC Monthly Circular, and we’ll post it here too for all our wonderful clients and contacts who may never get to see or hear about what we get up to in Bottys EC Inside Track group! 

You know what they say about Entrepreneurs being rather maverick and a little strange?  Well you’ll find allsorts in the Inside Track group that Marie is a member of.

Though if you’re a client of ours - be assured, she’s one of the more ‘normal’ ones in the tribe lol!!!

Check out the pic on Facebook of Marie receiving her award from Mr Ian George, who’s our BGA (Business Growth Advisor) for the Entrepreneurs Circle in Kent….now he’s definitely one of the stranger ones….maverick doesn’t come close (and we love him really!)

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