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Thumbs Up to Millennium & Copthorne Hotels - We'll Be Back!


Marie Cross

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Most of you know how passionate (some say obsessed) I am when it comes to customer service in this country – and you also know I’m on a mission to both name & shame, as well as congratulate & big up those organisations that act as good and bad exemplars in their field!

So this week, having previously slated them for their atrocious customer service, due to the most awful experience at their Cardiff hotel late last year (when I was forced to drive 3.5 hours back home at 2.45 in the morning because they had resold my already-paid-for room when I arrived and hadn’t been able to find me alternative accommodation due to a packed city with the rugby on) I’m giving Millennium & Copthorne Hotels a WHOPPING BIG MAHOOSIFF thumbs up!

Simon Read, their GM at Copthorne Cardiff really has taken my very unfortunate experience to heart, personally organising the most fantastic stay at their stunning Millennium London Mayfair property last Bank Holiday weekend - where we were treated with the utmost care and attention, as were our dear friends arriving from Chicago for their first ever visit to the UK and our other friends from Manchester, who we were reuniting with from our recent Caribbean holiday.

Sonia and her team at the London Mayfair had clearly been fully briefed about our forthcoming stay, and the circumstances under which it had been planned - and every effort, down to the finest detail was put in place to ensure that our experience this time round would be one to shout home about, which it most certainly was.  From our personal doorman & private car parking space, to our luxury suite and access to the executive lounge AND an upgrade for our 4 guests too, M&C Hotels have definitely redeemed themselves this week!

And so I prove once again, that if we are to get it right first time and ensure a PME (Positive Memorable Experience) for each and every one of our customers, we absolutely MUST take our role (and our prime reason for being) very seriously at all times….

….YOU are the face, the voice and the word of your brand and as Brand Ambassadors of your business, YOU have a duty of care to anyone and everyone that engages with it - and with you – no matter what time of the day (or night) it is!

Remember – people forget what you say, they forget what you do for them (even if you are a GEM and Go the Extra Mile), however people NEVER EVER forget how you make them FEEL… make every customer feel like we’ve been made to feel this weekend, without them having to experience what we had to beforehand!

Nice come back M&C Hotels – keep up the good work now!

Until next time….keep FIT!

Best regards



Cross Marie


Marie has spent her entire working life within the frontline customer service and telesales environment - passionate about the industry, the people in it and their untapped potential! A highly respected and dynamic training professional and inspirational coach, she 'wakes and shakes' individuals to want to be better and achieve more!

Hello...I'm Marie Cross!

Marie Cross

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